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Press Release: Garry Cobb resorts to blatant lies. "This is a new low, even for a former Dallas Cowboy." read more

Press Release: Magnolia GOP Chair asks is Cobb a Democrat Plant. Disorganization, forgetting to show up at events and a lack of attention to more

Press Release: Garry Cobb: Do as I say not as I do. Garry Cobb’s recent campaign mailer is just another example of his more

Press Release: Garry Cobb added his name to deed only a month before filing as candidate. Did Garry Cobb add his name to the deed simply to look like a taxpayer or resident of the more

Press Release:$30,000 of open judgments against Garry Cobb. Today the campaign of Claire Gustafson for Congress released more than $30,000 of open judgments against former Dallas Cowboy Garry Cobb. read more

Press Release: Gustafson begins air assault. Claire Gustafson announces $10,000 cable buy. read more

Press Release: Bankruptcy is not an option. "...we need members of Congress who can balance a budget because resorting to bankruptcy is not an option for our nation." read more

Claire Henline gustafson

Claire comes from a multi-generational New Jersey family with roots in the Garden State that pre-date the Revolutionary War.

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